RAC Complaints – 0843 487 1852

RAC ComplaintsWhen you expect a professional service from a company it can sometimes go wrong and you might need the RAC complaints number if you have had a bad experience with them when your car had broken down or because your insurance did not insure you in the event of a claim.

Stranded By The Roadside

It might be that you were not told the maximum number of claims you could make in a year, or you were left abandoned on the side of the motorway for longer than you should. Your contract with the RAC is a complicated one with unexpected unusual exclusions and limitations and that will be the time that you need it most. Many breakdown cover contracts even come with a clause that you are not covered if your car is stranded in flood-water because it then might become a car insurance issue, but who can define what is and isn’t flood-water?.

Many people simply refuse to renew their membership when it is next due but you should make sure that you contact RAC complaints so that not only you get an apology, but so that the RAC can make sure that the same thing does not happen to somebody else.

Insurance Renewals Hiked

Your payments to RAC might not be for breakdown cover; it could be that you have car or home insurance with them. Automatic annual renewals might double and you do not receive the renewal notice, or you might cancel your insurance but they still take the direct debit. It could be that the RAC fail to register your insurance on the Motor Insurance Database and you receive penalty points and a fine.

Your RAC Complaint is Not Alone

There were over 2,500 RAC complaints registered by the Financial Conduct Authority in the second half of 2013. Whatever the product you have and the complaint that you need to make it is simple to be able to talk to somebody in person and despite the modern age of e-mail, the best way to have a complaint heard about your car breakdown or insurance cover is by using the RAC complaints number and talking about it.